World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 3: Departing and Arriving

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 3: Departing and Arriving

I could luckily finish all my costumes a month before departing. So everything I did was just planning and packing until we could finally depart.

With our 3 big suitcases, 1 roll, 2 hand carries we went to the airport, checked our stuff in and got rebooked into a flight going 1 hour earlier than expected. …

I am very happy that I am used to flying and know the airport. So we could rush there without problems.

Chiko also had troubles checking in into her flight from Tokyo to Nagoya.

This is also why we couldn’t sit next to each other at both short flights.

Our baggage
In Frankfurt we got a snack, played Pokemon Go and tried to get a boarding ticket for Chiko. We still don’t know what happened but it seemed that it was quite difficult to check Chiko in… (She also had problems at the flight back to Germany).

Finally we could board the airplane to Tokyo.

Normally the German Team flies with their organizer. But due to some booking issues our organizer booked a flight for an earlier date.

After some movies, ice cream and a lot of really bad sleep I had to fight for my immigration card as always(The stewardess always thinks I am Japanese… I am a German potato…).

If you have a domestic connecting flight in Japan you first need to immigrate, get your baggage, go through customs and check in again.

We were 30 minutes to late and had 1 hour until departure.

Again we were rushing. Because our roll was special size baggage, we waited a long time to pick up our stuff…
I was very happy that I could explain the customs quickly, why we have this odd size baggage….

After checking in our stuff again we boarded the bus to the domestic terminal.

And voila Team Canada where standing directly in front of us. That was a very funny coincidence.

After going to the gate and boarding we said bye till Nagoya.

With our Canadian candies *o*
After some make up XD

But they where sitting directly next or behind us. Out of 200 passengers Team Canada and Germany had seats next to each other. 🙂 It was a fun flight with both of them.

We knew that a camera team will be waiting at the airport that’s why we changed our cloths and put on some make up, so we won’t look like zombies after a 16 hour trip. This is why we were the last one picking und our baggage and the stewardess where running around with our stuff, panicking and searching for us. ToT I am still sorry for her…
With our organizer Patrick
At the arrival our organizer team Patrick, Iris, Laura and Mo were already waiting for us. The team took some pictures, filmed us and made a small interview.
Afterwards our Omotenashi student Eriko chan greeted us and showed us the meeting room (I would more call it a baggage storage room XD). We left our stuff there and went to dinner with Team Canada and Brazil at the airport.
Interview at the airport in Nagoya
Afterwards we boarded the bus and checked in into our Hotel, where we got a loooooot of stuff. Next to the Omotenashi pack (with a wigstand, a small pampflet with all students, a bag and tea) we got our passes, food cupons, T-Shirts and our savior, the 2 GB internet Simcard!

Our room was just amazing and very spacy. We were kind of lucky. Normally the teams stores their baggage in an special room, because the rooms are normally very small.

Our Omotenashi bags
Our presents in our room from the International Hotel Nagoya
Our Simcards, passes and more

So we just throw everything into the corner, checked our championship costumes and prepeared everything for the next day (we put everything into the hand carry so it was just taking everything out).

Luckily our costumes survived the trip and we could go shopping for the next day.

Japanese summer is very hot and humid.

This year we had luck and it was quite nice. Someone told us, that the weather 2015 was about 10°C and 10-20% humidity more.

But I still wanted to buy icespray, icesheets, wiping sheets, icepacks and blotting paper. It was the best decision ever and really saved us. Blotting paper is a bless and these ice sheets are the best invention ever!!

The bought more and more during the whole trip. It really helps to endure this summer heat of 30°C-40°C.

After this long arriving day we went to bed and were sleeping like a dead stone.

We finally arrived and the adventure finally begun.