World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 11: Day 8 Red Carpet

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 11: Day 8 Red Carpet

As the days before we didn’t got any Schedules, so we needed to guess at which time we need to wake up in order to be in time for the red carpet. During the breakfast someone told us, that we needed to be ready at 11:30. So we had about 1 hour too much and were eating our breakfast slowly and played some Pokemon Go in our room.
During changing we already saw how they prepared the red carpet and got very excited.

After changing we met in the 2nd floor of the Hotel with all the other teams and participants.

Out costumes at the red carpet

Had a nice chat with everyone and lined up in our appearance order. Because some of the participants needed more time for changing, the first starting number of Block A only participated at the red carpet walk one time and not 2 times (actually no one told us there will be a second round, but we got the information when we needed to go out).
After getting a lot of ice spray, the next teams went down to the lobby, met their students, who were holding your countries sign and went out.

This year was the first year, that the red carpet had two ways. Normally it was only one way ad you waited at the carpark until you where supposed to go back for the second round.

This year you walk out of the hotel, to the end point and back again into the hotel.
Because no one told us that we were kind of confused, because we though we needed to pose into both directions

At the side of the red carpet
At the first way, you posed for the visitors of the World Cosplay Summit and at the way backed you were supposed to pose for the press people.

After getting, how the red carpet walk should be, we walked the first way down and posed after getting announced by the host.
Luckily we practiced posing, because you didn’t had the time to talk about it.

It was very good to know, which pose Chiko was using, because it was no time for checking her pose and getting in your own one.
Our student always told us where to pose and always counted down “1, 2, 3 go” in order to contain the flow of the parade.

At the end of the first way, the most important press people where waiting.
You needed to step on a small platform and posed for the press.
Went down and walked the way back.

Posing for the press

Afterwards you want back into the Hotel and waited downstairs for the next parade with the traditional Japanese dances. They had their own parade before our red carpet walk.

At the end of the first way we had a group picture with the Japanese dancers in front of the press people. It was a bit sad, that half of the A Block teams were missing.
And it was not easy to stand in the hot burning sun until everyone got his place and picture.
Some of the Cosplayers already fainted at Meiji Mura and Laguna, but this time it seemed to be much worser than the other events.

Group picture

After walking back the way to the hotel, we showered, grabbed our stuff and waited in the Lobby for our organizers.

We had a lot of time so we chatted a bit with visitors, participants and staff.

Having food
World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 10: Day 7 Rehearsals

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 10: Day 7 Rehearsals

After we woke up and went to breakfast we finally got our Schedule for the rehearsals.

Concert hall
Block B started with the rehearsals, while Block A had their rehearsals in the afternoon/ evening.

The WCS intended to bring our props with a small transporter to the concert hall (the place where the championship was held).
The main problem was that if you use the transporter, you only have about 45 minutes to build up all your props and to be ready for the rehearsals.
Of course this was impossible for us.
It was also not allowed to be at the concert hall prior than 1 hour before your rehearsal time.

In front of the concert hall

So we were forced to build up our most time consuming prop at the Hotel and to bring it by ourselves to the concert hall.

We are very happy that Mo, Laura, iris and Patrick helped us to carry stuff. If not we would’ve never been able to carry everything to the concert hall.
We could put our stuff into the changing rooms. They were very big and had some mirrors, chairs and tables. We shared our changing room with the sweeties from Mexico, Philippines and Portugal.
Changing room (Championship day)
Our square
For our props we got a taped square with our number at the backstage area where we could build up our props and leave them there.
I could see why it wasn’t allowed to be more than 1 hour before you rehearsal starts at the location. There was just no place. Our changing rooms were much bigger than the place for the props.
We finished building up our props in time thanks to our wonderful organizers but most of the teams didn’t showed up in time or weren´t finished.

We had our rehearsal at our designated time, because we where pushed in between the other starting numbers.

We had 10 minutes to explain our prop setting, put everything up, to make our skit and to take everything from stage. Some teams managed to rehearsal their skit 2 times; we only managed it 1 time.

But because you had a second rehearsal of your block (how it will be at the finals) afterwards we could at least practiced our skit 2 times on this stage.
Our stage setting
Sadly they didn’t got all our files, although they confirmed it. The video file and the English file was missing. So we needed to get the files again on USB stick.

After all rehearsals we practiced the “introduction” of the teams, the lining up and the award ceremony.
They also explained how to move to stage and what to do if you get an award or have been chosen for the 2nd stage. Sadly they changed some things at the actual award ceremony.

During rehearsal
We needed to put our props in our changing rooms or into the lobby of the concert hall, because it wasn’t enough place to leave our props at the designated area for Block A and B at the same time.

When we put everything into the changing rooms, Patrick helped us to make our Props more stable. We had some difficulties to transport our gate, which was not really stable… I also had the problem that the handling of my umbrella fell off. But luckily we brought wood glue and a lot of other stuff for every case to the concert hall.
After repairing our props (and secured them to death XD) we went back to the Hotel, had a look at the Oasis area and had some dinner, while Patrick was grabbing the USB stick and went to the concert hall again. Thanks so much ToT.
Afterwards we could rest.

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 9: Day 6 Free day

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 9: Day 6 Free day

Because some teams went to Tokyo and some to the special monitoring sightseeing tour we could enjoy a free day.
Practicing in the park

In the morning we went to the park and practiced and went for lunch to the penguin café with our student and our organizers Mo and Laura.

Penguin Cafe

I will make an extra blog about this café because it was just an amazing experience (at least for me).

So ill will skip the review about it here (but it was great! I loved it!!!!!).

After some shopping at Mandarake and Animate we went with team France and some other organizers (also Patrick and iris) to the Aeon mall to get some more food and to go shopping.
We bought some discounted Yukatas and I got a big fat penguin!

In the evening we went to the Pokemon park with some Alumnis and friends.

It was amazing how many people went there just to play Pokemon.
We had a lot of fun and could catch some good Pokemon.
Japan is truly the heaven of Pokemon compared to Germany.
Every few meters is a Pokemon stop and rare Pokemon are popping out everywhere.
left: In Germany, Right: In Japan

After some dinner we went with Team Italy, Team Brazil and Portugal to Karaoke and had a loooot of fun.
I liked the all you can drink service. ^_-

After not getting any schedule for the next day we went to bed and had some rest.

World Cosplay Summit2016 – Part 8: Day 5 Courtesy visits

World Cosplay Summit2016 – Part 8: Day 5 Courtesy visits

For the first half of the day we have been split into 4 groups:

-> 10 teams who visited the Nagoya city hall and the Major and the Convention bureau.

-> 10 Teams who visited the Department of transportation and the Nagoya Castle.
-> 10 Teams who are doing their visit or monitor tour the next day. The countries who participated the first time at the World Cosplay Summit went to the ministry of foreign affairs in Tokyo and spent the whole day there. I heard they also had time for a short visit in Akihabara.
->The remaining few teams went to a special tour with the World Cosplay Summit and made sightseeing in other cities.

The groups have been set before departing to Nagoya. The wrong time schedule for the day was given to us directly after the Karaoke party the day before.
I am not sure when they noticed it was the wrong one.
But we got the right one luckily in time.

With our cute Finish twins in the Lobby *o*

In the bus

Already dressed up in our costumes we went to Lobby and waited for the other 8 teams. Finland already waited there. The other teams came 10 to 20 minutes too late, so we needed to rush to the city hall and the staff were searching for the others (they really panicked…).

When we arrived there we went out of the bus and have been greeted by the employers of the City hall who clapped and waved.
That was kind of interesting. We were told to go out to smile and to wav back.
After going to the 5th floor we were sitting in a kind of circle. Every country got a small table and a sign and two chairs.
The visit at the city hall.

We sat down and the Major, dressed up in an “Owari no Seraph” costume, made some jokes and hold some speeches.We also got some small presents.The teams were introduced one by one with their name, country and Cosplay.
When your country name has been called, you had to stand up to wave into one of hundreds cameras, smile and sit down again.You have to tell the World Cosplay Summit which costume you will wear at which event. You are not supposed to change your costume, because they announce your costume and character for each event you participate. They also give out lists for the press.

Standing up and waving

Japan changed their costume without notice and it caused trouble. Afterwards the staff was kind of upset, because it was a very embarrassing thing what happened in front of several cameras, journalists and of the Major. After some speeches, we made two group pictures.

Group picture with the Major

One in the 5th floor and one in the room were “Owari no Seraph” took place.After about 20-30 minutes we went back to the bus and waved again.Until we couldn’t see the employers of the city hall anymore.

At the Convention Bureau

Next destination was the Convention Bureau.
We went up there and sat in a small room together with the other teams.
The employers all dressed up in One Piece costumes and welcomed us warmly.
After about 15 minutes we went out to make some group pictures and got a handkerchief as a present.

Group picture

We drove back to the hotel and changed into normal cloths, because we were invited by the chain “Sagami” for lunch.
It was a traditional Japanese high class lunch with a lot of different dishes. It was really good and delicious! We could sit together with our both Indonesian sweeties and I got all the meat XD.

Food at Sagami with Team Indonesia

After getting just too much good food we went back into the bus, played Pokemon and arrived at Brother.
We went into a room with a big screen and watched the introduction video of Brother.
Afterwards we were free to explore the exhibitions. They had exhibitions of sewing machines, of the products they produced until now and also an experience room where you could try out the products of Brother.

Joysound system at Brother

Actually Brother makes the Joysound Karaoke system.
You can guess were we have been…
Patrick told us he couldn’t see us, but he heard us very very clearly. XD
After some Karaoke with the other teams we went back and had some free time.


The Omotenashi students prepared a a room where the representatives could try on Yukatas and experiences traditional Japanese tea.

With Team Canada

During the tea ceremony

Tea ceremony

We also got some tasty Takoyaki and it was a great experience.
Brothers also put some of their embroidery and scan/ cut machines there. We embroidered some of our T-Shirts and had a great time. 🙂

We also went shopping and explored Nagoya.
It was a nice day.

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 7: Day 4 Meji Mura and Karaoke party

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 7: Day 4 Meji Mura and Karaoke party

Meiji Mura
Meiji Mura was the second outdoor event we went to.
Meiji Mura is an outdoor museum, where a lot of famous building from the Japanese Meiji area can be explored. The special thing is, that they are build up in original size and you are even allowed to go in and explore more.
If you like architecture of have traditional Japanese costumes, it is a great location for a photo shooting.

Pictures at Meiji Mura

We didn’t have any changing rooms there so we changed into our costumes before going into the bus.

We knew that the trip will be about 1 hour, so we decided to go for comfortable costumes, of course with a fan!
When we arrived there we’ve been split into groups of 4-5 countries and went in small groups from the bus through the entrance to a small stage on after another.
It was a very hot and the sun was burning down. That’s why they tried to keep us in the air-conditioned bus as long as possible.
Actually no one told us, what will happen next and that we need to go up to a stage and answer questions. But I guessed that because this event has been hold last year in the same way.
When we arrived at the stage, we went up when they called our country and name and posed in the middle.

At the stage of Meiji Mura

Afterwards they asked us some random questions and made a group picture. After the group picture we had some free time to explore Meiji Mura by ourselves.

Our students were accompanying us and brought us to the famous Omu rice place to get lunch and aircon.
Picture we took
After lunch we strolled around, took some pictures and had some fun with the other teams. It was quite nice and really interesting. It is definitely a great location for photo shoots. They even had a really beautiful fake church.
I also liked the traditional candy store and bought ice cream and some penguin
The problem was that it started slowly to rain. Actually something I really appreciated, because it was hot and the rain cooled everything down.
Japanese people don’t like rain. Even after a small single drop they out their umbrella or look for a roof. In Germany rain is totally normal and if it rains even an umbrella won’t help you…
The meeting point for the group picture with all representatives where at the other side of the park. So we needed to walk a bi in order to get there. The problem was that the rain just got stronger and stronger and just after a while we looked like we were swimming.
We didn’t mind but started to panic, because we needed to wear these costumes for the courtesy visits the next day again.

Meeting point

When we arrived at the end meeting point, only half of the teams arrived and everyone was looking shocked when they saw us (we really looked like we just jumped into the pool…).

Most of the missing representatives there waiting somewhere inside or got stuck in other locations. Only the stupid Germans went there slowly in the middle of the heavy rain. The group picture was canceled and it took a while to collect all the missing representatives.
They brought us with small busses to the entrance and to the bus in order to change (or to get dry). Because afterwards we went to Joysound.
A Karaoke chain in Nagoya, which has several branches.

During the Karaokeparty with Team Phillipines

We had a small room (compared to the number of people) with a lot of food, drinks and a small stage where the people could sing.

I had a lot of fun with the people and really enjoyed singing with them.
Gift exchange with Team Russia and Kuwait
Next to the Karaoke party it was also gift exchanging time.
We brought gifts for all representatives, Alumnis, WCS staff and organizers.
But actually we couldn’t find everyone, because it was crowded, loud, dark, we didn’t new the faces (without cosplay) and had only about 1-2 hours to get dinner, exchange gifts, drink something and to have fun.
We were searching for the teams like crazy and tried to give them our presents. In exchange we also got a lot of nice presents, like self made cookies, tea, key chains etc. . Some of them are really really cute and I will treasure them! Thanks for these awesome and cute presents!
The gifts from all the other teams
Sadly we missed out Team Singapore…. We are sorry Team Singapore but we couldn’t find you guys… And because they were always in the other bus we just missed every chance to give the present to them ToT.
We knew it could be difficult to keep on track which teams already got presents, so we made a list, where we could check which teams we already gave presents or not.
After eating a lot, giving the people the presents and having fun we went back to the hotel. Dead and happy after an awesome day.