World Cosplay Summit2016 – Part 8: Day 5 Courtesy visits

World Cosplay Summit2016 – Part 8: Day 5 Courtesy visits

For the first half of the day we have been split into 4 groups:

-> 10 teams who visited the Nagoya city hall and the Major and the Convention bureau.

-> 10 Teams who visited the Department of transportation and the Nagoya Castle.
-> 10 Teams who are doing their visit or monitor tour the next day. The countries who participated the first time at the World Cosplay Summit went to the ministry of foreign affairs in Tokyo and spent the whole day there. I heard they also had time for a short visit in Akihabara.
->The remaining few teams went to a special tour with the World Cosplay Summit and made sightseeing in other cities.

The groups have been set before departing to Nagoya. The wrong time schedule for the day was given to us directly after the Karaoke party the day before.
I am not sure when they noticed it was the wrong one.
But we got the right one luckily in time.

With our cute Finish twins in the Lobby *o*

In the bus

Already dressed up in our costumes we went to Lobby and waited for the other 8 teams. Finland already waited there. The other teams came 10 to 20 minutes too late, so we needed to rush to the city hall and the staff were searching for the others (they really panicked…).

When we arrived there we went out of the bus and have been greeted by the employers of the City hall who clapped and waved.
That was kind of interesting. We were told to go out to smile and to wav back.
After going to the 5th floor we were sitting in a kind of circle. Every country got a small table and a sign and two chairs.
The visit at the city hall.

We sat down and the Major, dressed up in an “Owari no Seraph” costume, made some jokes and hold some speeches.We also got some small presents.The teams were introduced one by one with their name, country and Cosplay.
When your country name has been called, you had to stand up to wave into one of hundreds cameras, smile and sit down again.You have to tell the World Cosplay Summit which costume you will wear at which event. You are not supposed to change your costume, because they announce your costume and character for each event you participate. They also give out lists for the press.

Standing up and waving

Japan changed their costume without notice and it caused trouble. Afterwards the staff was kind of upset, because it was a very embarrassing thing what happened in front of several cameras, journalists and of the Major. After some speeches, we made two group pictures.

Group picture with the Major

One in the 5th floor and one in the room were “Owari no Seraph” took place.After about 20-30 minutes we went back to the bus and waved again.Until we couldn’t see the employers of the city hall anymore.

At the Convention Bureau

Next destination was the Convention Bureau.
We went up there and sat in a small room together with the other teams.
The employers all dressed up in One Piece costumes and welcomed us warmly.
After about 15 minutes we went out to make some group pictures and got a handkerchief as a present.

Group picture

We drove back to the hotel and changed into normal cloths, because we were invited by the chain “Sagami” for lunch.
It was a traditional Japanese high class lunch with a lot of different dishes. It was really good and delicious! We could sit together with our both Indonesian sweeties and I got all the meat XD.

Food at Sagami with Team Indonesia

After getting just too much good food we went back into the bus, played Pokemon and arrived at Brother.
We went into a room with a big screen and watched the introduction video of Brother.
Afterwards we were free to explore the exhibitions. They had exhibitions of sewing machines, of the products they produced until now and also an experience room where you could try out the products of Brother.

Joysound system at Brother

Actually Brother makes the Joysound Karaoke system.
You can guess were we have been…
Patrick told us he couldn’t see us, but he heard us very very clearly. XD
After some Karaoke with the other teams we went back and had some free time.


The Omotenashi students prepared a a room where the representatives could try on Yukatas and experiences traditional Japanese tea.

With Team Canada

During the tea ceremony

Tea ceremony

We also got some tasty Takoyaki and it was a great experience.
Brothers also put some of their embroidery and scan/ cut machines there. We embroidered some of our T-Shirts and had a great time. 🙂

We also went shopping and explored Nagoya.
It was a nice day.