Thanks for all your support in 2015!

Thanks for all your support in 2015!

This weekend I gave my last concert for 2015 at the Mega Manga Con in Berlin (Germany).

I had a lot of fun and could meet a lot of awesome people, friends and fans.

I already miss everyone!

This year happened a lot and with 22 concerts and the new release of my pressed album “Anime No Sekai I was quite busy.

I could not only visited France, the Netherlands and Finland but also could sing in front of a foreign audience. Although it was not Germany the people rooted for me

Thank you! It was an awesome experience. Especially Finland!

I was invited as the guest of honor and could meet so many sweet people. It was one of the highlights in my year 2015! Thanks Kosucon for this great opportunity!

Another highlight was my album release “Anime No Sekai“.

It was the first time for me to produce a CD from scratch by my own hands. I could choose the songs and pictures, made own songs and lyrics and also designed the whole booklet by myself. It was quite challenging because I never designed something like this before but I had so much fun and can really say that “Anime No Sekai” is an album where I poured my whole heart into it.

That’s why it was always a pleasure to see, that the people like “Anime No Sekai”.

Thanks for visiting my signing sessions and concerts, taking your time just to meet me and cheering for me. I feel so honored and lucky to have so many great people who are supporting me in the things I really love.

Thank you! You cannot imagine how happy I am!

This year I also could participate successfully at international cosplay competitions.

Thanks Chiko-chan for her support and patient and for being a really great partner.

I was so overwhelmed that we could place 2nd at the German European Cosplay Competition Preliminaries. And I never even dreamed of becoming Team Germany 2016 for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan.

Thanks everyone for your support and helping me to overcome my insecurities.

I am very grateful to have so many awesome friends.

Picture by Octawana

Also thanks Marcus and Kai who are always doing a great job! I would not be able to manage all the concerts and schedules by myself. I am happy that you guys are supporting me in every way you can for a successful concert. Although it wasn’t always easy you are still by my side.

And of course Eddy who always records the songs patiently and gives me so much freedom regarding to the songs. I am happy that I can record the songs I really love.

I am so lucky and so happy that so many awesome people are rooting and supporting me.

Thank you for an awesome year 2015!

I hope 2016 will be as awesome as 2015.

Thank you!