Idol from “Oshi No Ko” New release and Music Video!

Idol from “Oshi No Ko” New release and Music Video!

am so excited! After years I managed to produce a new music video!

When I first saw the Anime “Oshi No Ko” I knew I need to craft an Ai cosplay and to sing the opening! Iam totally in love with the character and the concept of the whole story.

It was challenging to produce a music video, also to rap this song. But it was fun and I hope you like the outcome!

Hear the fullversion of the song here: >Click<

New Photobook: Fate/Grand Collection

New Photobook: Fate/Grand Collection

After the success of my first photobook “Anniversary collection – Best of 10 years” I decided to produce my new photobook “Fate/ Grand Collection”.

This book features 10 different female characters (servants) from the Type/Moon series “Fate” (mainly Fate/Grand Order) on 36 full color pages.

The Photobook will be available (latest) at the 1rst February.
But you can preorder your example now >>> Here <<<

The preordered photobooks will be shipped as soon as I get them from the printing company.

The first 25 preorders will get a Free magnetbutton of my Saber Nero Cosplay.
(This merchandise is limited to 25 pieces and not available for sale).

Thanks to the photographers who made this photobook possible:

• Infinitedreams Photography (incl. edit)
• Meermiau
• aeroflydesign
• Happy Berry Photography (incl. edit)

• Dieselsvideos
• Vien Nguyen

~Photobook produced, designed and pictures edited by Shiroku

Thanks for your support. 🙂

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a happy new year and a successful and healthy

With 23 conventions and over 25 concerts, 2017 was really busy and
exciting for me.
I did not only published my new Album “Anime No Tamashi
but also won the preselection of the European Cosplay Gathering with
my partner Chiko!

I also visited for
the first time in my life the US and got invited by an American
Anime Matsuri was
really an overwhelming experience a well as Made in Asia and of
course my beloved events in Germany.
It was my first time
I got invited as a Cosplayguest and not as a singer, which was also a
really new but super exciting experience.
I’m so happy and
glad for all these opportunities and I am so happy I could make so
many new friends and met my old buddies, although we life on the
other side of the world.
I managed to shoot
more than 50 times (different costumes and settings) with 26 new
, 14 different photographers and 9 amazing Cosplaypartners!
Thank you for
supporting me and making all this possible!
I am so so happy and
grateful for all this opportunities and chances and I would never be
able to life my dream without your support!
Thank you so so
For 2018 I already
planned a lot of new and exciting projects and cant wait to share
them with you!
I´m also thinking
about starting to vlog, about Japan, Cosplay and music!
You can look forward
to a lot of new projects!
Thank you for your
support, kindness and precious time!

Thank you!!!

Studio review: Studio Jolite in Bochum

Studio review: Studio Jolite in Bochum

Because my World Cosplay Summit championship costume is very dear to me, I wanted to take pictures at a special location.

This is why I checked the internet and found the photostudio Jolite in Bochum (Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen).

About the studio:

The studio Jolite features 4 different barockstyle living room sets over 85 qm.
The sets are hold in light colors and are decorated with a lot small things.
They also have parking places and a changing room (and a Pokestop if you have some spare time ^_-).
They also offer drinks and a waiting lounge, were you can sit down and rest. They also have a small pool of props which you can use freely during the photoshoot.
You can rent the studio starting with 30 € per hour for minimum 3 hours.
They also offer a studio flash rental if you don’t have your own equipment.
Starting with 5 persons, you have to pay a additional fee (20%).
The studio itself is limited to 6 people (from 6 people, 2 can be photographers).
They also offer a day package starting with 200 € for 8 hours.
Starting from 5 people you have to pay a deposit (350 €).
The resting place


If you want to rent this studio certain rules apply.
You are only allowed to drink or eat at the designated resting areas.
Shoes with a black profile are not allowed either.
The owner will also tell you to be careful with all cushioned furniture’s. Be careful not leave make up traces at the cushions.

The Studio:

With 85 qm and 4 sets with a lot of different furniture’s and decorations it can be pretty cramped. You still have enough space to build up your flashes. But there is no place for larger groups or larger light settings.
I guess 2 photographers with 2 models each might be possible, but actually I wouldn’t recommend 2 photographers working at one time.
If you don’t have much light equipment it might work, but not if both photographers want to use flashes.

Because the studio has big windows and the interior is mostly hold in light colors, it is pretty bright. But I would still recommend to work at least with 1 softbox to lighten up your model.

If you don’t have equipment I really would recommend to rent some.
The lamps are very dim and not very bright. They are also located directly above you. So if you want to take pictures without flash you are pretty bound to the daylight, which only comes from one direction.
The studio itself has an wonderful atmosphere. I am pretty used to visit studios which look good at pictures, but the sets are mostly build up in large dark storage halls.
This one was a completely different. The owner paid a lot of attention to the atmosphere, especially to the decoration. During our stay we could find so many different details which made this studio really unique.
What I also really liked was that the ceiling high is above 3 Meter. Even with a wide angle lens, we didn’t got any problems with parts of the studio which should not be in the picture.

My opinion:

If you are looking for a barockstyle location for your photoshoot I would definitely recommend to try out this studio. It has a very nice and special atmosphere. It was a really great experience for me.

The most important point was, that this studio offers sets, which are decorated with so many details, that the sets don’t look plain and boring at all.
I visited a lot of studios, where the furniture’s were beautiful. But you could feel that the pictures were taken at a studio, because everything looked so plain and artificial.
This studio is completely different.

A problem was, that black soles weren’t allowed. If I had knew this before it wouldn’t have been a problem. But due to this rules I couldn’t wear my first Adekan Cosplay completely, which was kind of sad.

Another point is that only 6 people are allowed. For me it wasn’t a problem, because I don’t mind spending money for a good location.
But a lot of Cosplayers can´t afford such a studio. Studio sharing is due to this rules nearly impossible.
In Germany it is very difficult to find theme studios with beautiful interior. So even if its not that big and cheap I still would use it again.


Name: Studio Jolite


Adress: Harpener Feld 11, 44805 Bochum



I am back from my
first USA trip ever and I am so happy that I was able to experience
the Anime Matsuri!
It was a honor to be
there and a pleasure to meet all the awesome people there!
Thanks so much for
having me and giving me such a great time!
I am so happy I
could meet many new people and some dear friends again!

Thanks for all the
presents and all the people who came to my booth to visit me!
Iam so happy, that
so many people took their time and visited me! Thanks for thinking of
me, sharing your time with me and chatting with me!

Also thanks for
having me at the Ice rink event which I really really enjoyes!
It is so great to
meet so many people who love the same Animes and share the same
passion Cosplay as me!

My first convention
in the US has been a really great experiences! Thanks everyone for
making it possible! Thanks for the awesome support of everyone and
the great job the staff did. I could have never enjoyed it that much
without your awesome work!
Thanks thanks thanks
for just making this possible for me!
World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 1: The preparations

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 1: The preparations

Picture by Japanaily
I am back from one of my biggest journeys of my life and my head is full of great memories, experiences and new friendships. It was an honor to participate at the World Cosplay Summit and Iam really grateful for this experience.
I never though that the World CosplaySummit would be such a rewarding event.

This is why I decided to blog about it. So I can share my experience and write down my memories and thoughts.

If you have any questions or wishes about which topic I should write. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Today I want to start with the Preliminary 1 year ago and the way to the championship.

The Preliminary in Germany:

One year ago I participated with my partner Chiko at the Preliminary at the Connichi, one of the biggest Anime/ Manga events in Germany.
I did I because I really love to perform and could try out new things on stage next to singing and dancing.
I never though we really would be become the next WCS Team Germany, because I know that other awesome Cosplayer are trying since years and years and I was just a rookie who started to participate at competitions recently.
I was happy but really felt unsure if I would be really able to represent Germany accordingly.

Buying the materials:
Because we never expected to become the next team we already planned and booked a Asia trip in November.
This was also the reason why we decided a week after the preliminary which costume we are going to bring to Japan. We knew that we would visit Taipei and Dubai, where you can get fabrics and crafting supplies for small money.
I calculated the time schedule for the WCS and realized directly after the preliminary that we don’t have a lot of time and need to start practicing an sewing as soon as possible.
These are the costumes we decided to bring to Japan:
Because I knew that we are short on time I finished the interview Cosplay 2 weeks after the Preliminary. It was a good feeling to know, that at least one Cosplay is finished before enjoying the holiday in Asia. In Taipei and Japan we went shopping and got most of our material for our WCS costumes. Chinese silk is awesomely cheap over there… We bought wonderful Chinese embroidered silk for about 3-4 Euro per 90 cm. And 50 Meter braids for about 3-5 Euro.
We mostly bought our braids in Dubai. Because they were cheaper than in Taipei.

The skit:

Because I knew we need to practice a lot I finished the audio file in February.

We decided to go for Adekan and to use our preliminary skit, because we got a lot of good advices. I wanted to make a better skit than at the preliminary. So I we though, that pimping up and improving our skit would be a good choice.
The audio consists out of 12 Songs, 25 cuts, 160 pieces and a lot of corrections.
It took me about a month to complete it. I worked at it every day about 4 hours.
We adjusted the audio file till June in order to get the perfect timing and speed for all the effects.
It took me 3 months to write the skit and to rewrite the choreography.
The skit and the choreography has been changed and adjusted till June. We worked a lot on it to make it “better”.
At first it was very difficult for us to learn the choreography and to get used to the new movements, because we are very unsporty and don’t know anything about dancing or material arts. You can imagine that my bruises already got some names… But after 3-4 months it went better and we could start working on smaller movements of the hand and the way of walking.
A lot of people asked me how long we practiced.
We practiced from February till departing every week one between 4-10 hours. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. Our last practice was 2 days before departing to Nagoya.

The costumes:

Next were the championship costumes.
I started sewing directly after coming back from my Asia trip in December and it took me about 7 months to complete my championship Cosplay as well as my props and quick change costumes.
Ill write about the construction of them in an other blog.

Ive never put so much time, money and effort into a costume as for the championship.
The costumes are really not perfect but I am

very very happy about them.

I haven’t studied or learned how to sew so I needed to watch a lot of tutorials or ask friends for certain new techniques. But it was worth it.
I worked at them about 4-10 hours a day and I admit it was very exhausting.

The props:
For me it was the first time to build stage props which need to fit into a luggage. My friend owns a very big car, that’s why it was quite a challenge.
For the gate and the box we decided to use a clip box board system.
It is very simple to build up and to transport it.
The cage is made out of plastic pipes.
We shaped the rings with heat in order to get a ring.
I need to admit that I am noob regarding to light stuff. That’s why my friend helped me to construct it. And I just watched and helped him to get the stuff done….
I only know that it took quite a time to finish it and I am really thankfull, that he helped me this much.

Next to the skit and the costume I realized that planning and preparing yourself is also very time consuming and important. The earlier you think about your baggage the earlier you might avoid problems. We had problems to transport our swords, because they are too long for a normal luggage. Cause we though about it beforehand we solved this problem in a very simple and cheap way.

Also informing yourself about the events and what is expected of you is very important.
The most important thing was to inform myself about the hotel, the surroundings of the Hotel regarding craft supplies and batteries etc, as well as about the weather.
Japanese weather is very different to ours in Europe. So I checked what gadgets might be useful in order to survive an outdoor event in the Japanese summer heat.
I also got spares for all of my props, batteries and everything that might be damaged during the transport in the airplane.
Actually planning, making research and preparing myself took about 2-3 months of my sewing and practicing time. I never though that it would be that time consuming.
But it was worth it, because we were prepared for every case and could avoid stressful situations.