I decided to write a small report about my experiences during the European Cosplay Gathering a few weeks ago. J
So lets start with day 1! The arrival day!

Because Japan Expo starts at Thursday, we were required to arrive at Wednesday.
Due to logistical reasons we decided to go by airplane, while friends brought our stage props by car to Paris.
A trip by car would have taken us about 10 to 12 hours and we were required to arrive in the early afternoon. Chiko needed to work the day before and we didn’t wanted to arrive utterly exhausted.
We were really thankful that our friends could take our props, because otherwise we would have needed to ship them a month before to the ECG and Wednesday would have been super stressful for us, because they booked us the wrong flights. Thanks to Kaddle and Kai for bein best helper chans!
With a slight delay we arrived safetly in Paris.
An epic staff member (Axel ^_-) got us with team Poland (they also had delay) and took us safetly to our hotel. It was so cool already to meet Axel, cause I already got to know him during Animecon a few weeks ago and to meet Team Poland *o*. The first fellow ECG Team we met in Paris!
We arrived too late for the prop transport and briefing (the bus departed when we got to the hotel, but we would have needed to repack in the room), so I sent our helper to get the informations we need.
While the others got their briefing at the Japan Expo we prepared and ironed all our costumes for the upcoming days (For future teams: bring your own iron!)
The hotel room was surprisingly huge (Iam used to Japanese room standarts ^_-), so we could made ourselves comfortable.
We had another briefing and welcome party with food in the evening. It was the first contact with the other Representatives and really fun. Everyone was still a bit shy, but I luckily I already knew the Portuguese, Dutch and Czech representatives.

Later we played an ECG quiz game to decided the order of the lottery (we needed to draw our performance order for the ECG finals on stage).

It was really fun and we placed more or less in the middle.

After some more food and socializing we went to bed and got ready for the 2nd day.