Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a happy new year and a successful and healthy

With 23 conventions and over 25 concerts, 2017 was really busy and
exciting for me.
I did not only published my new Album “Anime No Tamashi
but also won the preselection of the European Cosplay Gathering with
my partner Chiko!

I also visited for
the first time in my life the US and got invited by an American
Anime Matsuri was
really an overwhelming experience a well as Made in Asia and of
course my beloved events in Germany.
It was my first time
I got invited as a Cosplayguest and not as a singer, which was also a
really new but super exciting experience.
I’m so happy and
glad for all these opportunities and I am so happy I could make so
many new friends and met my old buddies, although we life on the
other side of the world.
I managed to shoot
more than 50 times (different costumes and settings) with 26 new
, 14 different photographers and 9 amazing Cosplaypartners!
Thank you for
supporting me and making all this possible!
I am so so happy and
grateful for all this opportunities and chances and I would never be
able to life my dream without your support!
Thank you so so
For 2018 I already
planned a lot of new and exciting projects and cant wait to share
them with you!
I´m also thinking
about starting to vlog, about Japan, Cosplay and music!
You can look forward
to a lot of new projects!
Thank you for your
support, kindness and precious time!

Thank you!!!

Event Schedule Update: Concert at NipponCon and Panel at Japan Expo Paris

Event Schedule Update: Concert at NipponCon and Panel at Japan Expo Paris

I just updated my event schedule for the next half of 2017 and there are still plenty events left were you can meet me. *o*
Im really looking forward to

my Concert at
 ->NipponCon this Sunday 12:20 pm 
in Bremen (Germany). *o*
I will be also there as a judge and cant wait to see everyone. 🙂

My next upcoming highlight will be the
-> Japan Expo  from 06.-09.07.2017 (Paris, France)
I will hold a Panel about 
Cosplay in Japan
Friday 13:30 pm 

I really cant wait to see all of you. *o*
If you see me say hi. 🙂 Super excited. *o*

AniMUC Schedule

AniMUC Schedule

I am super excited! In a few days I am on my way to the AniMUC
in München (Germany). *o* I cant wait to meet everyone and I am super
excited to present the first time a Workshop with my Partner Chiko in
Here my timeschedule:

~> Saturday:
12:30 – International Cosplay Panel
15:15 – Panel: Cosplay in Japan with Chiko
19:00 – Concert + signing session

~> Sunday:
13:30 – signing session

My prints and CDs will be available at the guest booth at all 3 days. *o*

Cant wait to meet you there!!!


I am back from my
first USA trip ever and I am so happy that I was able to experience
the Anime Matsuri!
It was a honor to be
there and a pleasure to meet all the awesome people there!
Thanks so much for
having me and giving me such a great time!
I am so happy I
could meet many new people and some dear friends again!

Thanks for all the
presents and all the people who came to my booth to visit me!
Iam so happy, that
so many people took their time and visited me! Thanks for thinking of
me, sharing your time with me and chatting with me!

Also thanks for
having me at the Ice rink event which I really really enjoyes!
It is so great to
meet so many people who love the same Animes and share the same
passion Cosplay as me!

My first convention
in the US has been a really great experiences! Thanks everyone for
making it possible! Thanks for the awesome support of everyone and
the great job the staff did. I could have never enjoyed it that much
without your awesome work!
Thanks thanks thanks
for just making this possible for me!