~> Photobook ~> Best of 10 Years

~> Photobook ~> Best of 10 Years <~ Anniversary edition

~>New Photobook out now<~
I am so happy to announce that I published my first Cosplay Photobook!
It contains 64 pages with my best costumes and pictures of the last 10 years!
 The book is limited to 30 copies. *o*

Or just buy it during my next signing sessions!

Facts about my Cosplay book:
★ High resolution premium print
★ 64 pages, Full color
★ Size: Din A4
★ Hight quality 170 g/qm paper
★ Hight quality 300 g/qm bookcover

★ Including over 20 costumes ★

~ Guilty Crown ~ Inori Yuzuriha
~ Love Live ~ Nico Yazawa
~ Yuri On Ice ~ Yuri Katsuki

~ Adekan ~ Shiro Yoshiwara
~ Kantai Collection~ Shimakaze
~ Psycho Pass ~ Kogami Shinya
~ Free! ~ Haruka Nanase

~ Owari No Seraph~ Krul + Yuu

~ Macross ~ Sheryl Nome

~  Madoka Magica ~ Madoka Kaname
★ Pictures by ★
~> Hazuki Photography
~> Meermiau

~> Cosplay Hunter
~> VW pic

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 9: Day 6 Free day

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 9: Day 6 Free day

Because some teams went to Tokyo and some to the special monitoring sightseeing tour we could enjoy a free day.
Practicing in the park

In the morning we went to the park and practiced and went for lunch to the penguin café with our student and our organizers Mo and Laura.

Penguin Cafe

I will make an extra blog about this café because it was just an amazing experience (at least for me).

So ill will skip the review about it here (but it was great! I loved it!!!!!).

After some shopping at Mandarake and Animate we went with team France and some other organizers (also Patrick and iris) to the Aeon mall to get some more food and to go shopping.
We bought some discounted Yukatas and I got a big fat penguin!

In the evening we went to the Pokemon park with some Alumnis and friends.

It was amazing how many people went there just to play Pokemon.
We had a lot of fun and could catch some good Pokemon.
Japan is truly the heaven of Pokemon compared to Germany.
Every few meters is a Pokemon stop and rare Pokemon are popping out everywhere.
left: In Germany, Right: In Japan

After some dinner we went with Team Italy, Team Brazil and Portugal to Karaoke and had a loooot of fun.
I liked the all you can drink service. ^_-

After not getting any schedule for the next day we went to bed and had some rest.

Das war das Conjahr 2013

Das war das Conjahr 2013

Mit dem Auftritt auf der NiCon endet nun für mich das Conventionjahr 2013.
Vielen vielen Dank an alle,  die mich auch wieder in diesem Jahr so Tatkräftig unterstützt haben!
Sei es im Publikum, bei den Signierstunden oder Backstage als Helfer!

Ohne Euch würde es mir nichtmal halb so viel Freude bereiten!


Normalerweise nutze ich die Winterpause um mich auf das nächste Conventionjahr vorzubereiten oder neue Projekte zu planen.

Dieses Jahr werde ich jedoch eine neue Crowdfundingaktion für mein nächstes Album starten.

Weitere Informationen werden aufjedenfall folgen! 

Unter >>PledgeMusic.com<< könnt Ihr euch anmelden und einen kostenlosen Song erhalten! Wir informieren Euch dann sobald es losgeht! 🙂

Ich freu mich schon ^_-

Eure Shirou


The conventionyear 2013 ended with the performance at the NiCon in Hannover.
Thanks everyone who supported me in this year!
As a listener, at the signing sessions or backstage.

Without you guys it woulnd´t be the same!


Normally I am using the winterbreak to prepare the next year or to start new projects.
But this year I want to start a crowdfunding for my next album.
You will definetly get some more informations.^_-

But you can join  >>PledgeMusic.com<< and get a free Song. We will inform you when the crowdfunding is about to start.

Iam looking forward to it! ^_-