World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 14: Day 9 2nd stage

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 14: Day 9 2nd stage

When we arrived at the Aichi Arts Center we had some food from the backstage buffet and changed slowly into our costumes.
We also checked our props and talked a bit with other participants.

We also got a small briefing how the walk through the stage should be during the introduction of the teams and what will happen at the award ceremony.

At the 1rst stage I wasn’t that nervous. I was ok, a bit excited but it wasn’t anything bad.

Of course I wanted to give my best and really hoped that everything will go right. But I was so nervous and couldn’t really calm down at this day. I was hopping around and try to stay calm but it didn’t work.
I can tell you… It was really nerve-racking for me.

Backstage with our props

Before even having our performance we had an walk through and introduction of the teams.
This time we were starting number 17.

Introduction of the teams

We put our props into the square, moved it to the 2 standby squares and to the stage.

We were supposed to go on stage directly after the Team before us and already set up all our stage props. Suddenly the staff pushed our props down from the stage and brought everything to backstage again.
It was quite a problem, because they broke two of our props during that process and we needed to repair it with a lot of time pressure. Luckily we could manage that.
Also team Denmark was already waiting at the backstage area and couldn’t make any place, because the next team was waiting directly behind them.
The stuff tried to make place for the upcoming act, but there was no place to move away. So it was quite difficult.
After the World Cosplay Karaoke Winner performed (wah I really liked her voice!!) we could finally go on stage.

Actually it also didn’t go that well, but at least better than performance the day before.

I didn’t really care, because we knew we gave our best and are satisfied with our achievements.
After we went down from stage we gave some interview and packed our props, because we knew we don’t have much time after the award ceremony.

The winning ceremony

At the ceremony we walked one after another on to the stage and posed there. It was a great feeling and all the stress just fell from you at once. I was so happy that we didn’t hurt each other to much during the performance or just fell from the stage. (We really feared that might happen…)

Team Indonesia became the World Champion and I am really happy about that because they are such great people. I really liked their costumes and they also made a really awesome performance.
I also loved the costumes of Denmark, because they were just amazing!
France was just so cute and I really love both of them.

Backstage with the host, Team South Korea and Taiwan

After having a really great day we went into an Izakaya with some other teams and had food and drinks.
We still needed to pack, because we needed to check out the next morning. This is why we couldn’t stay to long and went to our room for packing at about midnight.
After packing and planning, how to transfer our luggage’s to which place (Hotel, airport etc) we just fell dead into the bed and had a very good rest.

Leipziger Buchmesse

Leipziger Buchmesse

The Leipziger Bookfair was amazing!
Thanks everyone for visiting my concerts and signing sessions! *o*
Such a great feeling that so many people are supporting the things I love!
Thank you very much!
It was just awesome! *o*
I am still so overwhelmed! Thanks for everything! I couldn´t have a better release event!
Thank you!
Die Leipzger Buchmesse war einfach nur unglaublich
Vielen Dank an alle, die zu meinen Konzerten und Signierstunden gekommen sind! *o* 
Es ist ein unglaubliches Gefühl zu wissen, dass soviele Menschen einem in den Sachen unterstützen die man liebt.
Vielen Dank! Das ist einfach unglaublich!
Ich bin immer noch total glücklich! Vielen Dank für alles! Eine besseres Event zum Release meiner neuen CD hätte es nicht geben können.

Manga Comic Convention

Manga Comic Convention

I am very happy that I am going to sing at the Leipziger Bookfair in Leipzig 
(Germany;12.-15.03.15 )!
I also will have a booth in the Manga Comic Convention Zone (Hall1).
You can meet me at all days! I would be very happy if you are going to visit me ^_-
You can see me on the main stage in Hall 1:
~> Friday: 11:30 am

~> Saturday: 17:00 pm

~> Sunday: 14:00 pm

I will present new Songs from my new Album! *o*
So looking forward to it!
See you there! *o*
AnimaCo and Japanfestival

AnimaCo and Japanfestival

Still one week! This weekend I am gonna sing at the last convention in 2015.
Don´t miss my last two concerts 2014 at the AnimaCo (24-26.10.2014 in Berlin, Germany).

I am going to sing at:
~> Friday 16:15 pm >Mainstage<
~> Saturday 14:00 pm >Small Stage<

Looking forward to it! *o*

I am also really looking forward to 2015! Cause I have been invited to sing at the Japanfestival in Berlin (Germany) at the 24.-25.01.2015!

On both days you can visit my concert:
~> Saturday 17:00 pm
~> Sunday 16:00 pm

After every concert you will be able to meet me at a signing session.
Don´t miss the chance to get one of the new Penguinsigningcards!

I am SO looking forward to it!
See you! 🙂

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