Connichi – 10 years Shiroku

Connichi – 10 years Shiroku

Thanks everyone for visiting my concert at the Connichi 2016!
It was a very special concert for me and I am still so happy and overwhelmed how many people visited my concert.
Thank you so much for being with me, even it was so late!

Also thanks to the technic crew, who suprised me with this wonderful present! I am such a blessed girl to have people around me, who gives their best at every concert in order to make it a success!
We are working together since 10 years.
10 years ago I never though I would still sing and that people would still come to my concerts.
Thanks everyone so much! It was such an honor for me to give my 19th anniversary concert at the Connichi!!

Happy first Advent ^_-

 Heute ist der erste Advent und erste Dezember, nur noch 24 Tage und es ist Weihnachten!^^
Auch ich hab dieses Jahr wieder ein kleines Geschenk für euch.
Ab heute werde ich an jedem Adventssonntag ein deutsches Fancover posten.
Auch heute!
Ich hoffe ihr könnt es genießen! 🙂

Today is the first december, the christmastime is starting and you only need to wait 24 more days until christmas.
I also have a small present for you.
Every sunday until christmas I will post a german fancover on youtube.
Also today ^_-
I hope you can enjoy!