World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 14: Day 9 2nd stage

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 14: Day 9 2nd stage

When we arrived at the Aichi Arts Center we had some food from the backstage buffet and changed slowly into our costumes.
We also checked our props and talked a bit with other participants.

We also got a small briefing how the walk through the stage should be during the introduction of the teams and what will happen at the award ceremony.

At the 1rst stage I wasn’t that nervous. I was ok, a bit excited but it wasn’t anything bad.

Of course I wanted to give my best and really hoped that everything will go right. But I was so nervous and couldn’t really calm down at this day. I was hopping around and try to stay calm but it didn’t work.
I can tell you… It was really nerve-racking for me.

Backstage with our props

Before even having our performance we had an walk through and introduction of the teams.
This time we were starting number 17.

Introduction of the teams

We put our props into the square, moved it to the 2 standby squares and to the stage.

We were supposed to go on stage directly after the Team before us and already set up all our stage props. Suddenly the staff pushed our props down from the stage and brought everything to backstage again.
It was quite a problem, because they broke two of our props during that process and we needed to repair it with a lot of time pressure. Luckily we could manage that.
Also team Denmark was already waiting at the backstage area and couldn’t make any place, because the next team was waiting directly behind them.
The stuff tried to make place for the upcoming act, but there was no place to move away. So it was quite difficult.
After the World Cosplay Karaoke Winner performed (wah I really liked her voice!!) we could finally go on stage.

Actually it also didn’t go that well, but at least better than performance the day before.

I didn’t really care, because we knew we gave our best and are satisfied with our achievements.
After we went down from stage we gave some interview and packed our props, because we knew we don’t have much time after the award ceremony.

The winning ceremony

At the ceremony we walked one after another on to the stage and posed there. It was a great feeling and all the stress just fell from you at once. I was so happy that we didn’t hurt each other to much during the performance or just fell from the stage. (We really feared that might happen…)

Team Indonesia became the World Champion and I am really happy about that because they are such great people. I really liked their costumes and they also made a really awesome performance.
I also loved the costumes of Denmark, because they were just amazing!
France was just so cute and I really love both of them.

Backstage with the host, Team South Korea and Taiwan

After having a really great day we went into an Izakaya with some other teams and had food and drinks.
We still needed to pack, because we needed to check out the next morning. This is why we couldn’t stay to long and went to our room for packing at about midnight.
After packing and planning, how to transfer our luggage’s to which place (Hotel, airport etc) we just fell dead into the bed and had a very good rest.

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 12: Day 8 1st stage

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 12: Day 8 1st stage

After going to the Aichi Arts Center we had some food and some nice chat with the other participants and changed slowly in our costumes.
We also checked our props and just waited until it was our turn.

I don’t really know what happened but for some teams it seemed to be very stressful and they where fighting a lot. So we tried to help them as much as possible with tape, sprays and everything we had, because we still had a lot of time.

I guess the biggest problem was that the staff wasn’t able to handle the props carefully. Some of them broke. We also got that problem at the 2nd stage.

But before going on stage, the staff told us that we have been nominated for the Brother award. We were really really happy, because that means we were one of the top 4 costumes!
They told us to go into a very small room, where the Brother staff checked our costumes (for about 1 minute). That means even if you are 4th place during the costume judging, if Brother likes you costume you still have a chance to get this award.

We were really surprised to be one of the top 4, because we saw the costumes of the other participants and knew that they where top notch.
With our props backstage
When it was our turn we moved our props from square to square (first to our number, than to the standby square and than directly to the stage and than on the stage) and set them up on stage.
Sadly the staff forgot our whole setting, so Chiko needed to correct it on stage. It took some time and was very difficult, because we needed to put them up while the stage was pitch black.
Sadly they also mixed up our files. We prepared an English skit for the 1rst stage, because we knew that most of the judges (the organizers of the A Block) are mostly English speaking people. I am not sure if you could see it, but Chiko needed to react immediately. I also was quite confused.
During the skit we made some mistakes during the umbrella dance and the sword fight. But it didn’t really matter, because we know we could give our best.

After our performance the host was asking us some questions and we went back to backstage.

After going to backstage we had about 3 interviews (I forgot to mention we already had 2-3 before backstage) and went back to our changing room until the walk through the stage begun.

Stage interview

During the WCS you always have at least one camera following you. They are also filming at the bus or when you are going (for example) to the Pokemon park. I got pretty much used to it directly after arriving at the airport, that they are filming you and asking you questions.

I had the feeling some teams felt very uncomfortable, because sometime they filmed you at the most stressful or embarrassing moments or wanted an interview.

Backstage interview

Even during changing or doing make up (of course they asked beforehand) they filmed us.

After that really long day finally the walk in and award ceremony begun.
We just walked through the stage, posed in the middle and walked away from the stage, lined up backstage and went to the stage again.

Stage walk

The staff forgot that during the practice barely anyone had their costume on.

Because the B Block was standing behind the A Block we needed to change (B block to the front, A Block to the back), they forgot that we didn’t had much place due to the costumes and also changing the places was difficult.
If you won an award, you step to the front (or fight you way through the first row) got the sponsor board, smiled and went back to your place.
The funniest thing was, that no one knew what the special prices mean (of course everyone knew the Brother and Nico Nico award).

When the Nico Nico award was announced I was freaking out again because I never expected to be one of the candidates for the Nico Nico award. I know that Germany never was good at skits. I was so happy!
When I saw that people really voted for us at the end vote I felt so happy! Thanks, really thanks for all your support!!!

Awards and Nico Nico

Chiko and I were so happy! For us this was everything we wanted. We knew we were top 4 of costume and top 2 at Nico Nico. At this point we knew whatever comes; we are satisfied with what we could reach. We knew we gave our best and the people liked our worked.

After getting all the awards they announced the top 16 teams for the finals at Sunday.
First of the A block and afterwards of the B block.
You were supposed to step into the front and waved and step back.
Afterwards the B block moved to the front and changed places with the A block.

Group picture

Sadly we weren’t chosen for the finals, but we didn’t care.

For us it was fulfilling enough to know, that the people liked our work.
But when we went backstage everyone was running around hectically.
We just went there and stood around with our organizers.
We also started packing our stuff until someone told us to gather at the stage.
The staff thanked us for the cooperation and told us the schedule for tomorrow, as well what the teams are supposed to do.

She explained that there will be the Osu parade, where the finalists don’t need to participate. And that they reserved tickets for the teams who have not been chosen for the 2nd stage.
She also told us, that everyone should come in Cosplay, because there would be a kind interview from Nico Nico (not sure if I understood it right…) and all the teams should go up on stage for a group picture.
After the briefing they told us that due to a counting mistake two teams haven’t been chosen to be at the 2nd stage, although they were supposed to be.

With Team Korea
Chiko and I were just thinking, OMG maybe we still have a chance??
And yes, due to a counting mistake Team Germany and team South Korea could move to the 2nd stage. I was so happy! I already planned my day and were looking forward to see all the performances and know I could also participate by my own.

You cannot imagine what a great honor it was and how happy we were!
They really asked us if it’s ok to include the two teams who have been chosen mistakenly.
Actually why did he asked? Of course it was! It would have felt really bad if they would kick out teams because of me…
Afterwards they started the appearance order lottery for the stage.
We were number 17th.

After changing, grabbing some food of the backstage buffet, we went back to the hotel and slept or tried to sleep. Because I was so nervous and excited that I barely could close my eyes.

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 10: Day 7 Rehearsals

World Cosplay Summit 2016 – Part 10: Day 7 Rehearsals

After we woke up and went to breakfast we finally got our Schedule for the rehearsals.

Concert hall
Block B started with the rehearsals, while Block A had their rehearsals in the afternoon/ evening.

The WCS intended to bring our props with a small transporter to the concert hall (the place where the championship was held).
The main problem was that if you use the transporter, you only have about 45 minutes to build up all your props and to be ready for the rehearsals.
Of course this was impossible for us.
It was also not allowed to be at the concert hall prior than 1 hour before your rehearsal time.

In front of the concert hall

So we were forced to build up our most time consuming prop at the Hotel and to bring it by ourselves to the concert hall.

We are very happy that Mo, Laura, iris and Patrick helped us to carry stuff. If not we would’ve never been able to carry everything to the concert hall.
We could put our stuff into the changing rooms. They were very big and had some mirrors, chairs and tables. We shared our changing room with the sweeties from Mexico, Philippines and Portugal.
Changing room (Championship day)
Our square
For our props we got a taped square with our number at the backstage area where we could build up our props and leave them there.
I could see why it wasn’t allowed to be more than 1 hour before you rehearsal starts at the location. There was just no place. Our changing rooms were much bigger than the place for the props.
We finished building up our props in time thanks to our wonderful organizers but most of the teams didn’t showed up in time or weren´t finished.

We had our rehearsal at our designated time, because we where pushed in between the other starting numbers.

We had 10 minutes to explain our prop setting, put everything up, to make our skit and to take everything from stage. Some teams managed to rehearsal their skit 2 times; we only managed it 1 time.

But because you had a second rehearsal of your block (how it will be at the finals) afterwards we could at least practiced our skit 2 times on this stage.
Our stage setting
Sadly they didn’t got all our files, although they confirmed it. The video file and the English file was missing. So we needed to get the files again on USB stick.

After all rehearsals we practiced the “introduction” of the teams, the lining up and the award ceremony.
They also explained how to move to stage and what to do if you get an award or have been chosen for the 2nd stage. Sadly they changed some things at the actual award ceremony.

During rehearsal
We needed to put our props in our changing rooms or into the lobby of the concert hall, because it wasn’t enough place to leave our props at the designated area for Block A and B at the same time.

When we put everything into the changing rooms, Patrick helped us to make our Props more stable. We had some difficulties to transport our gate, which was not really stable… I also had the problem that the handling of my umbrella fell off. But luckily we brought wood glue and a lot of other stuff for every case to the concert hall.
After repairing our props (and secured them to death XD) we went back to the Hotel, had a look at the Oasis area and had some dinner, while Patrick was grabbing the USB stick and went to the concert hall again. Thanks so much ToT.
Afterwards we could rest.



I have been invited to sing at the NowJapan in Vilnius (Lithuania).
It´s the first time for me at the Baltic States and I am really really looking forward to it!
Especially to meet the Animefans of Lithuania!

See you there! (*o*)/

Giedosiu 2014 NowJapan Lietuvoje (Vilnius).
Dėkojame už kvietimą!
Aš tikrai tikiuosi, kad jį!
Aš ypač laukiu anime gerbėjams Lietuvoje!