Happy new 2016!

Happy new 2016!

2015 is nearly over and a new year will begin soon.

I want to thank you guys for all your support! I am very happy to have people beneath me who are thinking about me, helping me, enduring my (sometimes difficult) character and giving me warm words when I need it.

2015 was an awesome year!
I was allowed to give so many great concerts and signing sessions, I met so many great people.
And I realizes it every time again how much luck I have to have so many fans cheering for me, supporting me, writing me and coming to my concerts. Thank you!
Also regarding to Cosplay 2015 was a sucessful year.
I had about 24 new cosplays. 20 shootings and could become the representive of Germany for the World Cosplay Summit in 2016.
Let 2016 be such an awesome year as 2015!

I had difficult times and I am always grateful to know and be supported by so many awesome and great people.

Thank you for a great year 2015 and I wish you everyone a great, prosperous and healthy 2016!